Unblocked QWOP

Welcome to the QWOP Game

Qwop Unblocked is a running game with very interesting gameplay. In this game, your character is on  Olympic games and have to run the 100m distance as fast as possible, but there is one difficulty – you have to move each of his muscles for yourself, I mean that you have to realize that walking or running requires a lot of skills and is really difficult not to fall.  In Qwop Unblocked, you will control your thights and calves. The most difficult in this game is to think about gravity and physics before making a single move.
The main mission of the player is to run up to 100m but this is difficult task. Most of the people can hardly ever make a single step before falling down. Keep in mind this advices to succeed in qwop unblocked :

Hold [W] to do the splits.
Tap [W] to scoot forward.
Tap [Q] to pull your back leg forward.
The full guide about qwop game you can read here :     Hope you will have some fun with us.

The QWOP Game is a wonderfully unique game that uses rag doll physics along with super simple interface and controls. The premise of the “most challenging game on the internet” is quite simple indeed. You are QWOP, an Olympic runner for your country and you need to complete your 100 meter run to prong pride and honor to your mother country. You literally only use QW and OP to control a runner. The ultimate goal is to get your runner to cross 100m. It is not timed, which is probably a good thing given that it is pretty damn hard! QWOP games take anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes or more. However, this game is really addictive and you can easily spend/waste an hour or more.

qwop running game guide

Why is the QWOP game so addictive?
I for one have been victim to the addictive nature of the QWOP game. This flash-based game online is a simple yet wildly entertaining game where you are faced with the challenge of getting your runner across 100 meters. The challenge is entertaining but the rag doll physics that gets QWOP, your Olympic runner, across the track also makes for some hilarious falls and mis-steps. Play this with friends alternating a few turns at a time and you can have a great deal of fun.

Addictive Element 1-
Simple controls with a very basic premise. Seems easy but its not. You keep telling yourself you can do it…it gets frustrating, but you stick with it. You want to get QWOP to start running. Once you get a few steps in, you are sure that the next one will be the one. That is typical gambler mentality.

Addictive Element 2 –
QWOP game keeps track of your furtherst distance, so you can see how far off you are or whether you see that line come and go as your break your personal best. With friends, this element produces a level of competition that excites everyone and keeps people going.

Additive Element 3 –
Your QWOP runner doesnt just stop when your timing gets off, your runner tumbles in a jumble of body parts sometimes falling face flat as he says Ouch! or He practically flips over backwards and crashes to the floor with a thud. That alone is funny, but its even more entertaining as you are on the verge of beating your buddy’s record and your guy teeters with one leg high in the air as his body dangerously leans backwards in a bizzare show of balance…click the right keys and you can regain your runners momentum, press the wrong ones and you risk plunging QWOP into the track face first. In short, QWOP offers the classic additive elements of any game however simple or complex. Add a level of time, a leaderboard and possible multiplayer versions and you can have for a wildly popular game. Watch for their iPhone version comeing soon