Unblocked QWOP

Qwop Unblocked is a running game with veryinteresting gameplay. In this game, your character is on  Olympic games and have to run the 100m distance as fast as possible, but there is one difficulty – you have to move each of his muscles for yourself, I mean that you have to realize that walking or running requires a lot of skills and is really difficult not to fall.  In Qwop Unblocked, you will control your thights and calves. The most difficult in this game is to think about gravity and physics before making a single move.
The main mission of the player is to run up to 100m but this is difficult task. Most of the people can hardly ever make a single step before falling down. Keep in mind this advices to succeed in qwop unblocked :

Hold [W] to do the splits.
Tap [W] to scoot forward.
Tap [Q] to pull your back leg forward.
The full guide about qwop game you can read here :     Hope you will have some fun with us.