Tug The Table 2

So here it is, a long-awaited sequel to the popular game “Tug The Table 2”. The first part of the game got a very large population not only among the true gamers but also among fans of a good time spending with friends. People around the world are happy to compete to see who can drag the table. Creators of everybody`s favorite game decided to make a present for its ardent fans, and created the second part of an exciting game. Let’s talk specifically about the brilliant sequel, a masterpiece of online gaming industry. Tug The Table 2 retained all the traditions of its predecessor, you have the same purpose and action hasn`t changed much either. And so, as soon as you turn the game on, you will see that the playing field is divided into two halves: blue and orange. One of the colors is yours, while the other is your opponents, who, by the way, can be either your friend or one of independent players in a free mode. You will see that two people on the screen are

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strongly holding the table, which is located in the center of the field, from two opposite sides. By command each player starts to pull the table clicking the button in the lower part of the screen. Your task is to pull your opponent to your side. If you succeed, you win. This is a very complex process and requires certain skills. The game is to some extent like a game of tug of war, but dragging the table is much funnier that the rope! The winner will be the player to drag the opponent 5 times. Terms of the game change as you progress through the levels, you are being awaited by a slippery floor, swinging room and many other surprises that the creators of Tug The Table 2 have prepared for you. With each new level your characters will also be improved and get skills that will help them to cope with the complexities of new levels. Amazing gameplay, colorful game graphics fully conveys the whole range of beautiful delicate colors. Super simple and funny game which can be played with your friends. Easy operation with one button, good physics, and additional modes will delight you. You can play this wonderful game for free on our official site.

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