tug the table

Tug The Table – the crown creation of the development team, very simple arcade with Ragdoll physics, where during the whole game process you have to press only one button. Play in the style of “tug of war”, although in this case the “tug-of-table”. Play with a friend on the same device at the same time against each other in a “Split screen” mode. The game consists of 5 rounds. In fact, it is a very simple game that hides a brilliant stuffing. In every new round, participants mutate and acquire new skills that directly affect abilities and possible consequences. Incredibly interesting game for those who love to spend time not with virtual opponents, but with friends. The essence of the game is the need to drag a table to a player`s side, and defeat an opponent in such a way. Players are divided into two colors, orange and red. The game begins with the fact that you are in a room where there is only a table in the center and you have around outside of the table. Two round headed men grip the table, and each one pulls of the table on his half. The quicker one will win

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the game. The table can be pulled in several ways, and the outcome of the game depends on your technic. Also it has a very large number of new levels, a large variety of arenas to battle and lots of casual modes. Your matches will be recorded and you can replay them to improve the result. The game has excellent physics, which has the main focus. Graphics extremely well suits the game and perfectly conveys the essence of gameplay. As you progress, your characters are improved; sometimes you can win in an unthinkable manner, which later looks very logical under certain conditions. If you have nobody to play with, you can turn on single mode and play against computer. You can also turn on the “HARD AI”, powerful artificial intelligence that will play in a more interesting manner. Victory from a virtual opponent is at times difficult to take. Playing with your friends is as have funny as playing alone. You will not spend your time for nothing, but will gain hours of fun, laughter days and months of good mood. To understand the full beauty of the game, you should play it.
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